Election Night Reflection

Please, now is the time for asking WHY and reflection, not posting hyperbolic rhetorics that further frustrates people. Please, take a moment and think about WHAT has led the nation to this moment.

This close tug of war between the two candidates is definitely a wake-up call for all the American people. Even if Hillary Clinton won, the victory wouldn’t be glorious—you’d think Donald Trump was just a comic element in the election, but he proved everybody wrong time and again.

The whole Trump campaign has been about feelings, not facts, but it worked out perfectly for him. He depicts a nation under siege by illegal immigration, refugees, corruption, outsourcing economy and antagonistic nations around the world. The facts may unequivocally say otherwise, but do they really matter more than how people, the majority of the voters, feel toward the issues brought up by Trump? People feel about ghosts in a similar way: They fear them because they sound scary and dangerous, despite knowing ghosts are made up.

Is America great now? Is it perfect? Maybe and no. Every time when Trump said “make America great again,” Clinton would respond to him by saying, “America is the greatest country.” She is wrong. America is in knee-deep trouble in the Middle East; its economy is stagnant; the lower class and the middle class are struggling and it has serious drug problems. When Clinton asserted “don’t let anyone tell you that we are not the greatest country,” how would the people who are suffering feel? To tackle a problem, first it needs to be acknowledged; Trump’s campaign slogan, to be honest, isn’t as stupid as it sounds.

American politics really needs to let go of the political correctness notion. Many of the problems America is facing now are stemmed from this very notion and Trump, granted went to the extreme, chose the issues over political correctness. When his supporters said he speaks his mind and doesn’t talk like a politician, it was because he didn’t even try to be one.

In my opinion, Trump is still far from a viable candidate; as president Obama put it, “he is experientially and temperamentally unfit.” But what he has done in the past 500 days is a slap in the face for all the political elites. People need to calm down, put aside all the character issues revolved around him and start reflecting on what was wrong with the system.

Please, now is not the time for hyperbolic rhetorics.

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