The mediocre photographer

For the past month or so that I’ve gone off the grid I have been honing my photography skills, and that has granted me a new perspective on the city of Boston. I started to visit places where I normally wouldn’t; I began to deviate from my otherwise dull timetable which consisted of mainly doing nothing.

Photography has, to some degree, broken my bank, but nevertheless, has reinvigorated my life. Taking the perfect shots was more satisfactory to me than, say, finishing a large pizza while watching this year’s NFL where Patriots won AGAIN.

I have chosen some of my favorite shots for this post.


Boston skyline at dawn.



The silhouette of my photography comrade against the rising sun.



Busy street at night.



Trinity church at night emanates solemnities that make every passerby stop and admire.



The gorgeous Boston skyline at night.



Storrow Drive behind Boston University, always a good place for long exposure.



Snow storm offers a unique opportunity for me to, let’s say, boast my ability to endure cold.


A post without a cute cat? What are you, mad?

So Tamron is releasing their new 70-200 VC telephoto lens, which is a huge saving compared with Nikon’s 70-200, when in fact, for a recent graduate like me, is still extremely pricey. Next time you see me I’ll probably be living in a box because I have broken my bank for Tamron, or in jail because I have robbed my bank for Nikon.


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