Reveries Come in the Form of Coffee

城空而邦寂,奈之何人处天地间,上下求索兮。固行于山之东,岭之西,堤之南,溟之北,经纬纵横齐于日月更替。是城也,车水马龙,然纵使巷井间万人言笑,穿梭其中而不闻片语只字,此非谓神旷则世邈乎? I knew something wasn’t right the moment I woke up this morning, because for a brief minute I have … More


Highway 36 “We should have stayed for two more days, at least wait out this shitty snow!” The driver ranted … More

Minor Delinquent

Somewhere on the internet, I’ve seen a list of colleges and universities in the U.S that have the hardest finals; … More

Garlic In a Dustbin

It was a brisk afternoon in winter. Ms. Lin, our history teacher, was probably talking about something extremely monumental in … More